Downtown Safety

Residents for Residents: Safety

We had a wonderful Winterfest last Saturday afternoon and Downtown was bustling with activity with families enjoying the start of the holiday season. The City of Cleveland, the Cleveland Police Department, and the DCA should be thanked for a wonderful and safe event.  We know it is not easy to coordinate that type of programming.  However, that amount of folks in one area gives us time to reflect upon about safety in general and individual incidents in particular, including the senseless assault on a restaurant employee after leaving work last Tuesday morning specifically. Thankfully, the 6 alleged suspects who committed the act were all caught by CPD the same night. Details here:

While this was a very disturbing event and unacceptable in any neighborhood, the DCRA as an organization does not feed into the "fear frenzy" and "click bait" tactics that certain news outlets have been known to employ, and as Winterfest shows, Downtown can host large scale events without incident. Safety of residents and stakeholders is vital to a successful neighborhood and statistically, Downtown is still one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Cleveland.

However, if you are a champion of justice for Jason Bush and other victims, please ask to join our Courtwatch Program. In conjunction with the City of Cleveland Community Relations Board, this program follows cases such as these through the process and allows resident input in sentencing decisions. Please contact for more details on how you can help.