Wanted: Downtown Resident input on buses through public square

Residents for Residents: Your input requested regarding
Buses in Public Square

The decision to close the square to bus traffic was announced on November 15th. "RTA and the city of Cleveland have been meeting for some period of time over this issue as to whether or not Superior Avenue would be open or closed to bus traffic or all traffic. Today, we've agreed that in the best interests of Cleveland, in particular, the people of Cleveland, the general public – whether they're Cleveland residents or not, it would be best to keep Superior Avenue closed," Mayor Jackson said.

As you know, the DCRA has not taken an official position on the matter and we have used this space to allow opinions both for and against the closure as there are very compelling arguments on both sides. As a voice for Downtown, we have been asked for input and we would like to officially ask you, Downtown Residents and Stakeholders, your opinions to present before City Council this Wednesday.

Please take this brief survey of your preferences. All responses remain confidential.