A litte bit of St. Paddy's

As in tradition, eight of us downtown residents met at 7 a.m. in the lobby of our downtown condo building for a day of March 17th frolic- actually, six residents and two friends from Pittsburgh - his name was Sean and she had green nail polish, so they were welcome for the day.  We headed to City Tap for eggs and beer.  There, we met up with four other friends from Lakewood.  It was OK to share the day with suburbanites - showing off downtown is always fun. Also, as in tradition, we went to Flannery's, to House of Blues to listen to live music at 9 o'clock in the morning (how often to you get to do that?) - Brian and Joe on the main stage (I guess Brian and Joe broke up so this was just Brian, or maybe Joe, I'm not sure) and a real Irish band on the small stage (so authentic I think their pant legs were still damp from coming over in the boat), to Moriarty's, which was not so crowded but we chose to drink beer in the back alley anyway (how often do you get  to do that?), to Gray's Armory because it's historic and somebody said it was open to the public on St. Patrick's Day, but it was not (it was a nice walk through Eric Cemetery, though), so we broke tradition and went to the Thirsty Parrot where we stood outside in the sunshine with a temp of 70 degrees (mid March) looking at Progressive Field and wishing the Indians will bring us here in mid October, to Nauti Mermaid for a lean corned beef sandwich - and this is where/when my very favorite thing about the day happened:

Part of our group, Mary and Matt and friends, had to go to their condo to walk their little dog, Ralphie, and change into shorts (yeah, mid March in Cleveland).  When they re-met us at Nauti Mermaid, as they were coming in the door, we began to cheer, clap, pound the bar, stomp our feet, and so did all the other patrons in the entire bar.  It was contagious, hilarious, fun!

How often do you get that, but in Cleveland?

Where else can you get any of that, but in Cleveland?

It was a great day!