Are you willing to......?

No one should live in downtown Cleveland unless you're willing to... feast on crab cakes while sitting outside at the Nauti Mermaid

share pizza and beer late on Saturday morning with a few of the young girls who walked across the street to the Map Room from their apartment at the Bingham while still in their p.j.'s

have the guts to order "anything the chef wants to make for me tonight" at Osteria

mingle with Cleveland's hottest sports celebs and fans at XO

request your favorite tune from Mike P. at the piano bar at Johnnie's

order the Tilapia your way at Blue Point

get all your food groups on one sandwich at Panini's (either Panini's)

share a three tiered appetizer extravaganza at Chop House

enjoy a flight at D'Vine's

try the rueben egg rolls at Barley House with one of the many, many kinds of beers

feel pampered by the servers in black suits at Mallorca's

shake your booty with the belly dancer at Zdara

try to count the meat servings at Brasso's

choose between a Bloody Mary and a Mimosa at brunch on Sundays at Water Street Grill

ask Fay, the neighborhood psychic, about your future

walk a few, short blocks to E. 4th, passing by Tom Johnson's statue as you cross through Public Square

compete in the lanes of Corner Alley

enjoy Mike F., part time bartender on W. 6th and opening comedian for many of the acts at Pick Wick and Frolic on E. 4th

say "hi" to Jeremy at the new roof top bar at Greenhouse Tavern

look to see who's sitting at the next table at Lola's

have your palm read while sipping a martini at Wonder Bar

spread some salsa on a chip it salt, lime, and then tequila? Or, lime, salt, and tequila?

try a fancy coffee at Erie Island

USA outfit yourself at Dredgers Union

dance a jig at Flannery's while downing a shot of Irish whiskey

twirl some pasta at Chinato or La Strada

take a plunge into a soup bowl at Saigon

imagine that you can see and hear Belushi and Aykroyd on stage at House of Blues

choose between Jersey Boys and Girls Night: The Musical in a theater district 2nd to New York City

cheer on the Indians-they're in 1st place

I'm willing.  Are you?