Friends of Canal Basin Park Kickoff Meeting / Happy Hour

Friends of Canal Basin Park Kickoff Meeting / Happy Hour at Johnny’s Little Bar 5:00 - 7:00 PM Thursday, March 8th  To learn more about Downtown’s Riverfront and the potential for recreation along the Towpath Trail and Canal Basin Park District an informal presentation and Q&A by: Thomas Yablonsky, Executive Director of Historic Warehouse District Tim Donovan, Executive Director of Ohio Canal Corridor. Details about the Canal Basin Park

A District In Cleveland, the Ohio & Erie Canalway features the Cuyahoga River Valley and its adjoining neighborhoods and communities. The Towpath Trail alignment wraps the river's edge to create a "Canal Basin Park" District within its northernmost reach - the Flats. Since the River contains so many of Cleveland's most important and historic moments, the District provides a fun and interesting way for visitors to walk, bike, or roller-blade along its perimeter and interact with a blend of nature and industry.

A Park Canal Basin Park includes parcels that were once occupied by the canal itself. It is Ground Zero in the history of the canal - the place where the canal poured into the Cuyahoga River; a place where greater Cleveland's agricultural products were shipped eastward to New York City and, in turn, where the manufactured items - the tools, hardware, clothing and household items - were unloaded for Cleveland consumers.

The role of Canal Basin Park, however, extends beyond the early history of Cleveland and the canal. Canal Basin introduces the stories of entrepreneurs, industry and immigration. It follows the role of the Cuyahoga from Indian times through the industrial revolution to modern times, where river reclamation is writing a new chapter. It introduces the stories of Cleveland's immigrants - the men and women who came here to pursue and experience "the American Dream." People like Bob Hope, John Rockefeller, Tom Johnson, Sherwin & Williams, and George Steinbrenner.

Canal Basin Park has benefited from three public charettes that explored the shape and size, the public uses and functions as depicted by nationally and internationally-renowned architects. The results of those planning exercise paint a bright and exciting future for a place that will celebrate Cleveland's role in our nation's history, while recognizing those individuals who played major roles on both stages.

Canal Basin Park will provide not only a setting for education, but will introduce a major event site for concerts, fairs, and other happenings. It will integrate public art and mixed-media into an atmospheric experience, and will serve as Cleveland's gateway to the 110-mile Canalway. It will be Cleveland's major point of visitor orientation. Canal Basin Park will, itself, become a national model for heritage area visitor centers.