Have you been to the new aquarium?

Have you been to the new aquarium downtown?  I consider it a downtown location because it's an easy, doable walk across the red, swing bridge.  It's a nice addition to our other downtown attractions, things to do. I agree with the reviews: it's expensive, so if there's any chance you'll visit even one more time this year, buy a membership.  It's a small space, now, but they're supposed to expand and we're seeing the "ground floor."  The fish are very small, but we're watching them grow.  How fun!  And, to continue an accepted, valued trait about downtown wonders, the employees are knowledgeable, courteous, and oh-so helpful.

I'm certain, too, since it appears that the owners/operators worked very quickly to get the aquarium up and running in order to tap into the increased tourism that the casino will bring, they will continue to make enhancements to produce a first class fish bowl for downtown.  Despite any of the shortcomings, it's still an interesting place to spend a dreary, winter afternoon.