It was a great party in the street

Downtown Cleveland had another party on Sunday.  Always seems to be something going on.  This one was the Historic Warehouse District's Street Fair/Festival.  It happens every year and this year it was a really good one.  The weather was nice (sunshine), the food booths from the neighborhood restaurants were exceptional and this year the scope was extended wider to include a few near-west eateries, and the beer was flowing.  There were also informational booths (DCRA shared one with Citi-Roc) and retail art booths. Early in the afternoon as I walked down W. 6th, I wondered why there were not as many folks like past years wandering the street.  Then, I saw that a huge area had been roped off with lots of tables and chairs placed at the end of W. 6th to accommodate those who wanted to sit, eat, drink, and listen to the awesome live music.  Oh, there were many people.  Most downtown residents were there and then there were the downtown resident wanna bees - those that live in the suburbs for whatever reason and wish they were a constant part of our neighborhood.

I think this may have been the 8th year for the HWD.  In fact (small bit of info), I attended the first HWD Street Fair eight years ago.  While there, I decided to take a look at some of the condos that were for sale on W. St. Clair.  I ended up making an offer for one that same afternoon and moved downtown three weeks later.  Funny how things happen.  Funny how one falls in love....with a neighborhood.