Just one of those great days

Do you ever have days that are so great, not just good, but great, that you just want to file them into your memories of "great days" so that, later, at another time when you really need to, you can go back to those memories, think about that day, and smile.  I had one of those days, yesterday. The weather was frightful.  It was a typical winter day in Cleveland - temperature in the 20s, mph wind in the 20s, mixture of snow and ice swirling around and aiming for my face.  I was wearing five layers, plus two pairs of gloves and a hat.  I was prepared for the cold.

The planned activity was a 5.5 mile hike 'round downtown searching for plaques on landmarks.  We met our small group of brave downtown residents under the Brasa spear mid-morning and headed down the hill to the lats and Settler's Landing.  Headed back up a hill to Superior Avenue, the Rockefeller Building, and looking in the distance at the oldest building downtown.  Walked East past Old Stone Church, across Public Square, reading plaques on buildings and listening to our guide, Bill Lang, describe the history of Cleveland.  However, a very strange thing happened as we walked through Erie Cemetery - the wind stopped blowing, the snow stopped falling, and all was very quiet.  It was very eerie.  Then we hiked past the second largest theater district in the nation, past the growing CSU campus, and turned North at the Mather Mansion.  More history was viewed by our group before we turned West on Lakeside heading back to the Warehouse District.  That's when the wind really hit us, two steps forward and one step back.

But, we made it.  We completed our long Saturday walk at the Map Room on W. 6th.  I like to think that the roaring fire in the fireplace was for our welcome, maybe not, it was greatly appreciated, though.  A couple of others from the neighborhood joined us for lunch and fun and our little group of two attorneys, two engineers, a psychometrician, and me, told tales of our adventure.  The afternoon concluded with coffee and cupcakes at Stacey and Bill's and it was a perfect ending to a great day.