The place you ought to be...

If ever there was a sign that Downtown Cleveland is the “place you ought to be” – the formation of the new Downtown Cleveland Residents Association (DCRA) has to be it. While Downtown Cleveland is currently experiencing over $2 billion worth of development in a district which already houses, among other things, award winning restaurants, night clubs, world class theater, historic churches, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and three pro-sports teams, its 10,000 or so residents are getting themselves organized through the new DCRA.  The DCRA is officially recognized by the City of Cleveland as a voice for the residents of all Downtown neighborhoods including the Flats, Warehouse, Gateway, Avenue/Theater and CSU Campus District.

The mission of the DCRA is to “Champion a vibrant, connected, safe, and diverse, Downtown Cleveland” while working with local existing neighborhood organizations and helping others get started in order to achieve its goals. It is eager to welcome enthusiastic friends and supporters who share its vision of helping Downtown Cleveland be an even greater resident friendly community.

Already the DCRA has had a strong role to play in working toward better safety and noise standards for bar owners in the Warehouse District, stopping a night club from opening too closely to a condominium and day care center in the Avenue/Theater District, stopping excessive advertising directed at residential units, welcoming businesses – particularly resident relevant businesses to Downtown Cleveland, greeting new neighbors and fostering friendships among Downtown residents and the local businesses that support them.

The DCRA has a long way to go with its ambitious but attainable plans. Not only will it continue to be a direct link between the City, Councilman Cimperman and the residents, it plans to continue re-branding Downtown as the premier neighborhood for the city – the only district in Cleveland, according to the recent census, which is growing and also represents the highest per capita income and level of education in the city. It is also exploring ways to augment the growing population of Downtown while increasing home ownership among residents by creating partnerships and equity share opportunities with Downtown Cleveland employers and incentives through the city. Stay tuned!

The above was posted on "Hot in Cleveland" by DCRA President, Dr. Mark Giuliano.