The protesters are here

We have protesters in downtown Cleveland.  They are a carry over of the ones on Wall Street.  It rained yesterday so they set up their tents on the sidewalk next to Public Square - they are truly camped out.  Typical, young, excited about changing the world and oh-so willing to blame the "establishment."  I remember those days.  We didn't trust anybody over the age of 30.  And, now, I'm part of the "establishment" and I have to smile - not at these young people, but with them. I had the opportunity to talk to a few.  I asked what are they protesting for or against.  A couple mentioned economic and social justice, corruption, and greed.

Me, too.  I'm against all those things.

And, a couple had cheat sheets in their pockets that they brought out to read or refer to when telling me why they are protesting.  It was all typed, nice and neat.  I asked if I could have one of the sheets to share, but I was refused.  When I pressed them to tell me something that they were "personally" protesting for or against, I was told by one young man that his college tuition should be paid by the government, another has a college degree and cannot find a job and the government should help, and another is fighting for all the little people.

I applaud passion and enthusiasm in wanting to be a part of change.  I respect the right to display dissent.  Just convince me that you truly believe in what  you are protesting.