Urban Exploration Hike

Kalani and Bill, members of DCRA Urban Exploration Committee, will lead an urban hiking adventure on May 26, at 10 am, beginning at Starbucks on West 6th and heading toward Ohio City, with a stop to become acquainted with one of the exciting treasures of our city, the West Side Market, and to visit and see other places of interest in the area. We will return for a get together at the award-winning Nauti Mermaid at about 12:30. Please bring a shopping bag, if you would like to pick up any meats, cheese, fruits, vegetables, fruits, desserts, or other delectables. On the last excursion, a group took a tour from the East Bank of the Cuyahoga to Cleveland State, experiencing the architecture and the history along the way, ending in lunch at the Map Room. Kalani and Bill extend their thanks to the 63 people who braved a brisk northwesterly breeze, and regret that they will have to restrict the number of hikers to a less stressful 40. Please contact kalani@downtownresidents.org to reserve your spot.