Where else can you find?

Where else can you find an outdoor bar and restaurant  next to a large pile of gravel, only a few yards  to beach volley ball courts, within view of an abandoned Coast Guard Station, next to a water treatment plant, nestled between an active railroad running on one side of the property and a marina on the other,  and all this on the shore of a fresh water ocean? Only in Cleveland.

Yesterday, after attending the Indians game, I didn't want to return to my downtown condo leaving behind the gorgeous, cloudless, sun filled day.  So, I drove less than two miles to Whiskey Island.  Sure, you can walk it, or bike it, but I drove it - so unlike me.  And, technically, it's not part of downtown, but oh-so close and oh-so uniquely Cleveland.  It is one of our downtown connections to the Lake.

I sat at one of the picnic tables, having a beer, listening to a live band that played everything from blues to country with some rock mixed in.  Once, I closed my eyes, the lead female singer stirred my imagination to visualize Joplin up on that stage - no, I was on my first beer.  The sun was hot, hot, but there was a crisp breeze blowing through the Pines.  It was pretty close to a perfect day - if only the Indians had won.