Downtown/Flats Design Review Agenda - 2/4/2016



Design Review Agenda



Thursday February 4th , 2016   

Cleveland City Hall

Room 514



*Final Design Development Approval

1.      Project: DF2016-008: Stella Maris Parking Lot (Demolition of a 1-story commercial building and a 2-story residential structure)

Project Address: 1305 Main Avenue     

Project Representative: Robert Bajko, HSB Architects, Inc.  


*Final Design Development Approval

2.      Project: DF2015-101: Canal Basin Park Initial Greening Improvement Project        

Project Address: Canal Basin Park      

Project Representative: Sean McDermott & Chris Cheraso, Cleveland Metroparks


*Final Design Development Approval

3.      Project: DF2015-061: Campus International School

Project Address: 2160 Payne Avenue      

Project Representative: Jeff Henderson, CEDA; Hollie Dellisanti, CMSD


*Schematic Design Approval

4.      Project: DF2016-009: Superior Viaduct (Stonebridge Tower)

Project Address: 2211 Detroit Avenue      

Project Representative: Jodi van der Wiel & Denver Brooker, Vocon


*Schematic Design Approval

5.      Project: DF2016-010: The Foundry Rowing Training Center (Demolition of a 1-story commercial building) 

Project Address: 1833 Columbus Road       

Project Representative: Chris Kaczmar & David Kaplan, Kaczmar Architects Inc.; Aaron Marcovy, The Foundry


*Schematic Design Approval

6.      Project: DF2015-044: North Coast Harbor – Site B

Project Address: Former Skate Park Site      

Project Representative: Gary Ogrocki & Matt Plecnik, Dimit Architects; Richard Pace, Cumberland Development, LLC.


*Denotes agenda item will also appear before the Cleveland City Planning Commission the following day, Friday, February 5th, 2016.