Downtown/Flats Design Review Agenda 5/5/16



Design Review Agenda






Thursday May 5th, 2016      DRAFT

Cleveland City Hall

Room 514


Special Presentation:


1.      Project: Downtown Cleveland Street Banner

Project Address: Downtown Cleveland

Project Representative: Allie Crish, Downtown Cleveland Alliance


Design Review:


*Final Design Development Approval – Signage

1.      Project: DF2016-043: Sherwin-Williams Building Banner    

Project Address: 101 Prospect Avenue         

Project Representative: Wayne C Boydstun, Fusion Imaging; Ellen Moreau, Sherwin Willaims; Mike Johnson, All Phase Remodeling & Mechanicals


*Final Design Development Approval – Signage

2.      Project: DF2015-044: North Coast Harbor – Site A  

Project Address: Voinovich Park

Project Representative: Gary Ogrocki & Matt Plecnik, Dimit Architects; Richard Pace, Cumberland Development, LLC.


*Final Design Development Approval – Demolition

3.      Project: DF2016-045: Grain Craft – Truck Garage Demolition        

Project Address: 1635 Merwin Avenue

Project Representative: David Harala, DHA Architects, LTD  


*Final Design Development Approval – Temporary Signage

4.      Project: DF2016-006: CNN Branding & Signage – RNC        

Project Address: 189 High Street & 310 Prospect Avenue  

Project Representative: Christopher Maduri, X Factor Media



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Final Design Development Approval – Signage Concept

5.      Project: DF2015-046: Settlers Pointe – West 10th Street      

Project Address: 1400 W. 10th Street   

Project Representative: Sarah Krivanka, Dimit Architects


*Final Design Development Approval – Changeable Copy Signage  

6.      Project: DF2016-044: Fox Sports       

Project Address: 200 Public Square  

Project Representative: Jason Green, Adam Signs



*Denotes agenda item will also appear before the Cleveland City Planning Commission the following day, Friday, May 6th, 2016.