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Red Cross Volunteers needed for RNC

3 V Spotlight: Volunteering

The Red Cross is seeking volunteers to assist as we plan for the Republican National Convention (RNC) as well as for their daily volunteer needs in local disaster relief.  For the RNC, volunteers would assist primarily in the area of shelter operations and serve in an on-call capacity, unless called in to volunteer.  We have identified several shelter locations and additional volunteers are needed to supplement our corps of volunteers and staff members in event that we may have to respond to an emergency during the RNC and open a shelter.  Training would be provided in advance of the RNC at no cost; thetraining time commitment is approximately 8-12 hours.  Classes are being scheduled for late June and early July. 
Thank you for your consideration of this request in support of the Red Cross. For additional information and to begin your application, please contact Pat Buckhold, Volunteer Services at 216-431-3370, email or click here to start your on-line application today.