Emergency Concerns

Residents are asked to voice emergency concerns via email on the website info@downtownresidents.org or via our contact form.

General Concerns

A) There shall be a bi-monthly board meeting to be held at a convenient time for the members preferably in the early evening, on the third Wednesday of each month at a location within the geographical limits of the downtown area. The location of each meeting may be selected upon prior approval by a majority vote of the members at a membership meeting. The Secretary/designee of the Downtown Cleveland Resident’s Association Board shall give sufficient notice in advance of the time and place of the monthly meeting to the membership.

B) Guests are welcome to attend all meetings of the Association Board, and take part in discussion, but may not make motions, nor second them.

C) There shall be annual meeting of the membership on the third Wednesday of the month in May of each year. The provisions of item A) above shall govern the annual meeting as well as election of officers.

D) Quarterly meetings will be held in the various districts to address resident safety concerns to promote a sense of community.