Our Vision

A Unified Voice


The DCR’s vision is to help promote communication and understanding between downtown stakeholders and eliminate prejudice and discrimination within our boundaries. The association gives a unified voice to the people who live, learn, work, and play in the urban center and wish a say in policies guiding future downtown growth and development.



Foster Communication


The DCR mission is to foster communication, education, and civic participation between primary downtown stakeholders: residents, businesses, and the City of Cleveland, and to advocate for downtown living and promote the voice of the downtown residential community.


Organizational Structure

Community Relations Board


The DCR is a diverse group of residents who share a vision of a safe, vibrant, and connected urban center. Founded in October 2010, and recognized by the City of Cleveland as a Community Relations Board, the non-profit residents association is open for registration to any member of the downtown community. 

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Jonathan Whingham


Downtown Living Advocacy

Encourage others to live in our community by creating relevant content highlighting the benefits of living, learning, working, and playing downtown.